Caning, Rushing & Weaving


For caning projects we only provide service for sheet caning, not for whole caning. Customers can choose between a bleached or unbleached cane product. When we replace cane from furniture we finish the cane to match the original color. 

What is sheet caning? The cane comes pre-woven in sheets. It may also be called pressed cane because of how it is installed by pressing the cane into the grove in the wood. Before the new sheet can be installed, the old cane and spline need to be extracted and the chair must be cleaned before the new cane is stretched, attached and secured.

How is sheet caning made?: Sheet cane is created from the peeled-off bark of rattan which naturally grows in Southeast Asia. These strips of bark are cut into cane strips of uniform width and depth, referred to as peel. These strips are then woven together in very long sheets of cane- partially by machine and partially by hand.


For rushing projects you can choose between standard rush or sea grass materials. 

Weaving and Retain Repairs

We are able to repair sections of wicker and woven furniture. Those weaving materials used are called art round fiber and art fiber flat, which come in all different sizes. We are also able to repair and refinish retain furniture. Please call for service details.